Ghosts (Syndicates #4)

Title: Ghosts (Syndicates #4)

Series: The Syndicates

Release Date: 18/10/2023


Ghosts is a novel set in the Syndicates world but not part of the main series.


Haunted by my past, I came close to ruining my best friend’s life.

To atone for my sins, I had to return to the place where it all began.

Unexpectedly, solace arrived as a crying girl with purple hair, a haunting link to my history that rendered her untouchable.

Her plea for help compelled me to answer.

Perhaps by aiding her, I could find redemption for myself.


Amid my brother’s disappearance, I longed for a savior.

Little did I expect to find one in a cemetery.

Jiro Saito, my late sister’s ex-boyfriend and my childhood crush, emerged as that unexpected hero.

He’s a complex blend of danger, scars, and haunting memories.

Strangely, I still long for him, despite knowing he views me only as a way to soothe his guilt.

Perhaps he can help my brother.

And maybe, just maybe, I can rescue Jiro too.

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