Her Heartless Savior (audiobook)

Title: Her Heartless Savior (audiobook)

Series: Audiobooks

Release Date: 25/07/2023


#2 of Syndicates


Turns out, the rumors about my ruthless boss were true. He’s mafia. And I just witnessed something that could ruin his life . . . and mine. So, imagine my surprise when instead of killing me, he kidnaps me.

Now, I’m on a secluded island with a man who should terrify me. But he doesn’t. Because he’s different here. Here, I see a man so beautifully broken I’m starting to feel things I know I shouldn’t.

He stole my freedom . . . I can’t let him steal my heart too.


If anyone else had witnessed what she did, they’d be dead. But when the time came to pull the trigger, I couldn’t do it.

So, I made her my captive.

I know that sharing this place with her, letting her know my dark secrets, gives her too much power-and I can’t afford another weakness. Letting her live threatens everything.

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