Her Ruthless Warrior (audiobook)

Title: Her Ruthless Warrior (audiobook)

Series: Audiobooks

Release Date: 04/07/2023



Nothing wrecks an already bad day faster than almost getting hit by a car. But then he rescued me. My mysterious, sexy savior wore danger as easily as he wore his black-on-black clothes. And still, I wasn’t afraid of him.

I should’ve been.

Because after one misunderstanding, the man I thought would love me forever showed me just how ruthless and cold he really is. I trusted him with my heart once and it broke me. I can’t afford to make that mistake again . . .


She was my ikigai-my life purpose. Loving her was inevitable.

But I’m king of the Japanese mafia. Softness like hers doesn’t exist in my world. Maybe that’s why it was so easy for me to believe she betrayed me. Why I burned us to the ground.

Now that I know the truth, I’ll do anything to get her back. I know a good man would let her go. But I’m not a good man . . .

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