Twisted Knight

Title: Twisted Knight

Series: The Cosa Nostra Series

Release Date: 15/07/2021



The sins of the father are the sins of the sons.

For years I’ve been trying to atone for the crimes of the monster who created me, for the monster running in my blood. I’m unworthy of love, of compassion… of understanding. 

I made my peace with living this life of penance while hunting the rat poisoning the ranks of the famiglia. At least that was true until she entered my life. India McKenna—a walking, talking contradiction built in a goddess. 

When she looks at me, her emerald eyes full of tenderness seem like my shot at redemption. 

I lost my soul many years ago, but this woman makes me want to retrieve it… 

Will I be brave enough to reach for it?



I left Calgary to get away from the hurt, to heal my heart and my life. What I didn’t expect was meeting Domenico Romano, a career criminal with a heart of gold and looks that could make any woman fall to her knees. A man like I’d never met before. A man so hell-bent to keep his distance, to make me believe he is bad despite the goodness I keep seeing seeping out of him. 

This man is so full of secrets, of doubt and remorse, and as I try to save him in spite of himself, I find myself falling for him… 

Will I be brave enough to save us both?

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